The Ultimate DJ Guide

Finally! The question you ask everyone who is just starting to DJ. How do I become a DJ? This package includes everything you need to get started. From DJ lesson to your first booking. We have put together a package that you can find all on 1 card. On this card you will find a QR code and all the links you need to start your DJ career. Do you have these questions? Order your FAFDJ (first aid for DJing) package now!




  1. Choice help: Which DJ set do I need and what is best for me?
  2. DJ lesson: I have a DJ set, but how does it work? and what can I do with it?
  3. DJ Bookings: We help you create a profile to help you with your first booking.
  4. Community: Make friends in our DJ community and share mixes, mashups etc.
  5. THE social media platform for DJs AND, you will get Headphones from us.



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